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Michael Gendreau & Francisco Meirino "13'36 10'42 12'48" CD

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Recorded live in Switzerland in July 2008 at Cave 12, Geneva and Oblo, Lausanne.
These live recordings were lost and forgotten in our archives, more than a decade later, they were found on a dusty external hard drive in Meirino’s home studio.
Re-discovered, edited, mixed, and mastered in 2021.

Big vibrations in perspective

Michael Gendreau is an artist and acoustic researcher, he uses architectural vibrations specific to
each building as an imposing live sound source, digging inside the sound system and its limits the
necessary power to use the building itself as some kind of loudspeaker moving over a wide
spectrum of sound frequencies. As Michael says: « Each building speaks a unique language ».

Francisco Meirino’s work explores the tension between programmable material and the potential for
its failure, he is primarily interested in the idea of recording what is not supposed to be: gear failures,
the death of PA systems, magnetic fields, and electro-static noises and in how he can use them and
hear them radically out of context. His music tries to push the physical limits of either the electronic
material or when he composed music for acoustic ensembles, the musicians with pieces that
require a strong presence and sonic tension.
Together, they tried their best to activate on the same sonic level, both the room and the audience
within the room with a sense of danger, urgency, sonic distress, and architectural awareness.