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Dave Phillips "to death" CD

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this album is dedicated to death. i don’t mean death the spectre that installs horror and fear in many (in the western world), nor death the enemy of the (western) for-profit medical system, but death as part of a cycle, like birth. death the only certainty in life. dying, like living, as something that can be done well - or not. death also something that can be a release, a relief, a liberation, the end of suffering, a freedom.

this album is inspired by my father's illness, deterioration and death, and my being his carer for the 15 last months of his life. recording this album started 6 months into that journey, from october 2020 on.

it was my father's wish to die at home, and my siblings and i granted him that wish.

the album was sent off to press early june 2021, when my father died.


~play as one continuous session~

bio: dave phillips/dp
sound as communication in direct and primal form, a language, a tool of metaphysics, a conscience and a consciousness, vibration.

dp re/searches and ponders existences and behaviourisms humanimalistically. works that oppose the omnipresent restriction and
reduction of life and living, that activate primordial shared emotions otherwise hidden under the debris of civilisation, inviting
rumination, encouraging intervention, endorsing catharsis, liberating, cleansing. therapeutical stimulation is acknowledged.
sonic activism, ritual protest music, humanimalism.

methods are audio de/construction, composition, sonic rituals, psycho-acoustics and performance. tools are voice, body, field
recordings, electronics, objects, video.

solo works as dave phillips/dp since 1987. part of schimpfluch-gruppe since 1991 (with rudolf eb.er/runzelstirn & gurgelstøck, joke
lanz/sudden infant etc.). co-founder of ohne in 2000 (with tom smith, daniel löwenbrück, reto mäder), one-man-doom-project dead
peni since 2004, the perverts in white shirts duo since 2012. co-founder of fear of god in 1987 and has played in numerous other
bands, projects and collaborations. born 1969 in switzerland.