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Francisco Meirino "A Perpetual Host" CD


A Perpetual Host is Francisco Meirino’s fourth full-length, solo studio album on Misanthropic Agenda.
A deep dive into personal loss and the banalities of life and art, A Perpetual Host captures the raw, solitary, and often acerbic extremes that drive creation. Across four pieces, Meirino explores sonic tension and boredom, questioning the simplicity and complexity of the mundane with bursts of clarity that redefine existence itself.

Francisco Meirino is a Spanish sound artist based in Switzerland.

His music explores the tension between programmable material and the potential for its failure. His interest lies primarily in what is not supposed to be recorded : the end of life of electronic devices, electrostatic noise, magnetic fields and the unconventional use of music hardware and sound systems and how to exploit these sonic failures in radically different ways in his sound pieces.

His music combines intricate textures, sonic precision, wide spatial panning and is fascinating by its physical intensity and detail precision.

He mostly uses the modular synthesizer (Eurorack-Serge), various microphones, the computer, the field recorder, tape recorders and tape echoes, EMF detectors and various home-made electro-acoustic devices.